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Minister Daniel Napier

Daniel’s central concern in life and preaching is to live Jesus’ ‘Way’. Through the centuries people have sought to discover many different things in the Scriptures – doctrinal statements, patterns of church order, and religious feelings. Daniel’s primary concern is to recover ‘the Way’ – the distinctive form of life that Jesus and his earliest followers practiced through personal interaction with God.

Through this focus, Daniel has become passionate about personal growth and transformation. Nothing excites him like seeing someone grow spiritually. There is something beautiful about seeing a perplexed and disoriented person gradually internalize the confident, abundant life Jesus offers. Daniel has made it his life’s ambition to become an instrument of God’s transformative work in peoples’ lives.

Since 1997, Daniel has been married to Karly Napier. They have two daughters, Rebeccah and Kristina, who fill their lives with all the joys and challenges kids provide.

In his free time, Daniel trains and competes in Olympic Style Weightlifting. For the past two years, he has won the Texas State Championship in the 105kg Masters division. Along the way, he has set six Texas State records, made lots of friends, and thoroughly enjoyed stretching the limits of the body God gave him.

In tandem with his ministerial calling, Daniel has completed advanced degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology, and the History of Philosophy, including a Ph.D. from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.