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Sermon Notes for January 4, 2015 – The True Identity of Jesus’ Apprentices (Matt. 5:13-20)

  The apprentice’s true identity comes from participating in God’s promise made to Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3). Salt, light, and a city upon a mountain are central metaphors for Israel as God’s instrument to remake humanity. ‘Salt of the earth’ (v. 13) evokes the ‘covenant of salt’ as an unending, irrevocable promise (2 Chron. 13:5). To remind Israel of his enduring presence, the LORD required salt in the prescribed sacrifices (Lev. 2:13, Num. 18:19, Ez. 43:24, also see LXX Lev. 24:7, Jub. 21:11, 11QTemple 20:13-14, and Mishnah Zebahim 6.5, Middoth 5.3). Thus salt became a sign gesturing toward God’s enduring presence […]

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